• Welcome to Muddy River

    Welcome to Muddy River

    2015 is promising to be our most exciting year yet. Technology is constantly changing and we are proud to bring products to the market that increase yield and productivity on farm.

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  • Once Stung - forever immune

    Once Stung - forever immune

    Meet the new 4000 Series from Honey Bee. This high-performance draper header feeds the crop quickly and smoothly to the combine, improving cutting capacity and pushing your combine to its limit.

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  • No Joking Matter!

    No Joking Matter!

    New middle chassis for an optimum weight distribution, more smooth and stable road transport, attachment of a double packer is possible, no rocking or jumping in the field

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  • Soucy Track

    Soucy Track

    Innovative chemical compound, steel canvas for resistance, exclusive thread design, less vibration, less abrasion, more comfort

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  • Maestro 24sw

    Maestro 24sw

    Planting Sorghum at 40.000 seed/hectare in dry land.  At about 12Km/Hr we end up covering just under 20Ha/Hr With a full hopper of seed, it should be possible to work three 10Hr days, covering 1500 Acres, without filling up.

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